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Our delivery fees are based on your order's subtotal before taxes and delivery fees.

Navigating the Logistics of Event Rentals: A Guide to Seamless Deliveries with Something Borrowed

Planning your event is an exciting journey, and at Something Borrowed, we understand the importance of a seamless and stress-free experience, starting with our delivery process. Let's delve into the intricacies of how we ensure your event rentals arrive with precision and care.

When it comes to deliveries, we tailor our approach based on your budget and the unique characteristics of your order. For orders totaling less than $500, a single staff member and a car usually suffice. However, as your budget increases, involving a higher number of items, increased weight, and larger sizes, we may allocate 1-2 staff members and, at times, a larger dedicated vehicle, resulting in a slightly higher delivery fee.

Our rental fees are structured around the subtotal before the addition of delivery fees and sales tax. Even if your order surpasses $500 after these additions, you still qualify for the $500 or less delivery fee. This distinction is because we exclude sales tax and the delivery fee itself from the subtotal calculation.

Notably, deliveries involving items related to food incur a higher fee. This is not just due to the potential mess but also because delicate items like plates and glassware require special crates for protection. While we are grateful for the sturdiness of these crates, their weight and size often necessitate a larger dedicated vehicle.

We've streamlined our pricing model to ensure transparency. If your order qualifies for multiple delivery fees, only the most expensive one will be charged. The only exception is for same-day delivery and pick-up, where an additional fee applies for after-hours pickup on the night of your event.

As a bonus for those collaborating with our sister companies, whether it's one of our two planning companies or any of our three managed venues, there is no additional fee for same-day delivery and pick-up. Save your same-day delivery upcharge with ease when you work with Custom Love Gifts and Events.

Have questions or need further clarification? Our dedicated rentals team is here to assist you. Schedule a call with us, and let's review all the details together to ensure your event rental experience is seamless, convenient, and tailored to your unique needs.

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