How It Works | Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed simplifies your wedding decor journey with a user-friendly process. Choose your must-have items, submit a 20% deposit, and let our dedicated team handle the seamless delivery and pickup logistics, ensuring your special day is stress-free and filled with love.

Elevate Your Wedding Day with Something Borrowed: A Seamless Decor Rental Experience

Planning your dream wedding involves countless decisions, and selecting the perfect decor shouldn't be a hassle. Enter Custom Love, your go-to destination for curated wedding decor that enhances the magic of your special day. Wondering how it all works? Let us walk you through the seamless process of turning your vision into reality.

Shop Our Inventory

Browsing through our carefully curated collection of wedding decor is the first step in creating the ambiance you desire. From elegant centerpieces to stylish furniture, choose the items that resonate with your style and add them to your cart. Questions or need guidance? We're here to help! Simply drop us an email at [email protected] to schedule a call with our expert team.

Submit Your Order

Once you've chosen the decor essentials that you can't imagine your wedding day without, it's time to secure them. A 20% non-refundable deposit is all it takes to confirm your order. Final payments are due three weeks before your event, ensuring a stress-free experience as your big day approaches.

Add Delivery Fees

Our commitment to a seamless experience extends to the delivery process. Our team will coordinate with your venue to confirm the details and add a delivery fee to your order invoice. Here's a breakdown of our delivery fees:

  • $100: Orders less than $500
  • $150: Orders $501-$999
  • $200: Orders over $1000
  • $150: Delivery of orders involving dishware or glassware
  • $250: Delivery of furniture or large items
  • $100: Same-day delivery and return (optional add-on fee)

Finalize Your Order

To ensure everything is perfect for your special day, all orders must be finalized 3-4 weeks before the event. This is the perfect time to make adjustments to your item count to match your guest count. Please note that setup is not included in your order, but if you wish, inquire about including decor set-up at an additional fee.

Enjoy Your Day!!!

The big day has arrived! With Custom Love, you can relax and savor every moment. We handle the delivery and pickup of all rental items, working closely with your venue to ensure timely arrangements. Focus on creating beautiful memories, and leave the logistics to us.

Choosing Custom Love for your wedding decor is not just about enhancing aesthetics; it's about simplifying the entire process. Elevate your wedding day with a seamless and stress-free experience, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—celebrating love and creating cherished memories.